Cochlear Implants v/s Hearing Aids

The ideal choice of a hearing device is based on the medical and audiological response of the patient. Type and degree of hearing are major factors to decide the candidacy for a hearing aid or cochlear implant for the patient. This is decided by the ENT specialist and audiologist. [...]

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How to overcome listening difficulties created by face masks?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has seen an increase in the use of face masks being used around the world to protect ourselves from coronavirus making it an effective barrier. Wearing face masks is the new normal, but it has raised a new challenge for persons with hearing loss and health [...]

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How to protect your Child’s Hearing?

According to WHO, the prevalence of childhood-onset deafness is 2% and most common causes include middle ear infections, viral infections, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), trauma to the ear and also, hearing loss as a consequence of other conditions. Most often, hearing loss among children goes unnoticed. Hence, parents must [...]

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Hearing Aid – Impact on Cognitive Decline and Depressive symptoms

Don’t let mental health issues fall on deaf ears. Hearing loss is said to have innumerable effects on the life of an affected individual. What begins as difficulty in interacting with other individuals eventually extends to social, emotional, and psychological issues. It has also been reported from various studies [...]

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Sudden hearing loss: a case of concern in today’s lifestyle

Sudden hearing loss is a frightening thought. Just imagine waking up one day and not being able to hear! Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL), also known as sudden deafness, affects about one in every 5,000 adults every year. If I woke up without hearing: What should I do? Sudden hearing loss (SSNHL) is [...]

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Hearing Aids: Three Important Facts

Hearing is much more essential than you might imagine, allowing us to not only comprehend and converse but also face life with self-assurance and accomplishment. Today, as we see hearing aids are an indispensable everyday companion for millions of people in conversations in big and small circles, at work, in the [...]

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Rechargeable vs Disposable Battery Hearing Aids. The Right Choice…

All hearing aids, regardless of the style, size, or technology level, have the same basic components: a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and a battery. The battery serves as the power source for hearing aids and is critical to ensuring they perform as intended. Research has shown that treating [...]

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5 Devices you can stop using if you have a Smart Hearing Aid

Combining sensors and artificial intelligence enables hearing aids to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. It enhances the patients listening experiences, proactively manages health and provides access to information to simplify life. The ear is a more accurate place to track your health.Scientists have long believed the ear to [...]

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