Rechargeable vs Disposable Battery Hearing Aids. The Right Choice…

All hearing aids, regardless of the style, size, or technology level, have the same basic components: a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and a battery. The battery serves as the power source for hearing aids and is critical to ensuring they perform as intended. Research has shown that treating [...]

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5 Devices you can stop using if you have a Smart Hearing Aid

Combining sensors and artificial intelligence enables hearing aids to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. It enhances the patients listening experiences, proactively manages health and provides access to information to simplify life. The ear is a more accurate place to track your health. Scientists have long believed the [...]

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Hearfon Ties Up With Apollo Clinic to Expand Their Hearing and Speech Treatments

Apollo Clinic has announced a strategic partnership with India’s leading hearing aids and speech therapy clinic HearFon for providing specialized speech and hearing therapies to patients of Apollo Clinic.

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