10 Simple Tips to take care of your Hearing aids

10 Simple Tips to take care of your Hearing aids

While the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and as our clinics are closed, we at Hearfon are sharing a few tips that will help you with the proper care and maintenance of your Hearing Aids (H/As).

These tips are particularly handy during this lockdown period and you can follow them even after to enhance the performance and longevity of Hearing Aids. Let’s stay safe by following the instructions and staying home. Remember that this too will pass and together we shall overcome the situation.

Hearing Aids spend most of the time in an environment, which is hostile for electronics equipment. The temperature and humidity levels within our own ear canals can create a desirable environment for harmful bacteria. This will negatively impact the environment in which the Hearing Aids spent each moment of their lifecycle.

Follow these Tips for the Proper Care & Maintenance of your Hearing Aids

  1. Daily care and attention will improve the life of your hearing investment.

  2. Wipe daily with a soft cloth. Be sure to clean the receiver and vent openings with the proper cleaning tool.

  3. Turn off when not in use overnight. Be sure to leave the battery door open to allow any accumulated moisture to dry. It is best to store the instrument in the box provided at delivery. Also, keep the battery compartment clean and dry.

  4. Do not store the Hearing Aids with the battery installed for an extended length of time. Remove the battery and store your hearing instruments in a cool dry place.

  5. Remove Hearing aids before using hair spray.

  6. Do not expose it to excessive moisture, humidity, or steam.

  7. Do not expose it while taking a bath.

  8. Keep Hearing aids away from heat sources such as stoves, oven hair dryers or open flame.

  9. Do not drop your Hearing Aids or allow them to be subjected to rough handling.

  10. Keep fresh batteries in it and carry a few batteries while on a trip etc.

Visit Hearing Aids Care and maintenance for more details

Keep in touch with HearFon. We encourage you to maintain regular contact with us. A regularly scheduled check of your instruments will enhance the long-lasting reliability of your new hearing instrument(s). Yearly testing of your hearing is also crucial to assure that the products you purchased are delivering the performance needed to match any changing hearing condition.

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