Unlike other electronic devices, hearing aids centers in Bangalore can help you in conditions that are not ideal. They are prone to moisture and wax in the ear canal frequently. Regular cleaning of the aids along with routine maintenance will ensure its reliable working for years long

Getting a proper tool such as a wax pick and brush are indispensable tools for cleaning. Ear wax can get collected in the opening of the hearing aid and cause muffling of sounds or even squealing. Long-lasting wax can even damage the receiver. Therefore, one must use the pick and the brush to gently clean the wax off the aid. Also, one must remember to wash their hands before cleaning the hearing aids.

Importance of cleaning and maintaining hearing aids

The hearing aid must be removed and kept while doing exercises to avoid moisture accumulation. Showering and washing the face and hair without the hearing aids will also avoid damage because of water and soap. Cleaning the machine at night before bed will give them enough time to air out. However, it must not be cleaned with chemical wipes or alcohol as they could damage the device. It is also advised to avoid exposing hearing aids to extreme temperatures as it can reduce their life.

For any type of hearing aid, the battery shall be removed from the hearing aid and the compartment shall be kept open to dry overnight. If the hearing aid is rechargeable, it must be stored in the dock as per the instruction given by the manufacturer. The battery compartment can be brushed with the cleaning brush as well.

In addition to all these methods, one must leave their hearing aids in a dehumidifier, especially if the person is living in a tropical environment like that of India. If the hearing is exposed to water or moisture, keep them immediately in the dehumidifier container after removing the battery. Otherwise, it is advised to leave the aids in the box once every 2-3 days. The battery shall not be placed inside the dehumidifier as it can drain the power.

Hearing aids must be cleaned and maintained as instructed by your Audiologist. If you are not sure about how to clean and maintain the aids, do not hesitate to reach out to our Audiologist who can guide you with the same.

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