From Ringing Ears to Peaceful Silence: How Bangalore is Tackling Tinnitus Head-On

From Ringing Ears to Peaceful Silence: How Bangalore is Tackling Tinnitus Head-On

Tinnitus is a hearing health issue characterized by repetitive noise inside the ear. Usually, this noise is a persistent ringing. But one may also experience other sounds like roaring, hissing, clicking, or buzzing. 

Causes Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus could happen due to multiple reasons. Let’s look at the typical causes below. 

  • Loss of hearing: This is arguably the most common cause of tinnitus. Especially, damage to the hairs within your inner ear could result in tinnitus. 

  • Head injuries: A traumatic head injury may damage the inner ear, the nerves, or the brain areas related to hearing. Such injuries could also result in tinnitus. 

  • Medicines: Certain medicines could cause tinnitus in some people. If this is the case, the condition usually disappears once you cease taking the medicine. 

  • Ear infection: If earwax or dirt accumulates inside the ear for long, your ear canal could get blocked. This can in turn alter the pressure inside the ear, leading to tinnitus. 

Types of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can manifest in different ways, the most common being subjective tinnitus- in which only you can hear the sounds. In some cases, the noises are just a soft buzz while in others they could be like a loud roar. Sometimes, the phantom noise is so substantial that you have trouble hearing external sounds. 

Tinnitus could vary in how long it persists as well. In certain individuals, it could be an always-present phenomenon. In others, it may occur only periodically. A rare form of tinnitus is called pulsatile tinnitus. This involves the sound arising in sync with one’s pulse or heartbeats. In this case, the physician may also be able to hear the tinnitus while examining the patient. 

Effects of Tinnitus

No matter the type of tinnitus it is important to consult with an expert at the earliest since the effects could be wide-reaching. 

Some of the key issues that could arise in the wake of tinnitus are the following: 

  • Stress: Being an irritable condition at best, tinnitus is bound to cause stress. 

  • Fatigue: Some people may suffer from severe tiredness due to the condition. 

  • Disrupted sleep: Trouble with sleeping well is a common problem from tinnitus. Poor quality of sleep can in turn cause other medical problems. 

  • Headaches: In some cases, tinnitus can be characterised by headaches. 

  • Unable to focus: If the tinnitus is too distracting one may have issues with concentrating. 

  • Memory issues: In rare instances, tinnitus can cause trouble recollecting memories. 

How Bangalore is tackling tinnitus head-on

Bangalore is rightly known to be the premiere tech hub of India. This adeptness with technology and innovation is true in the case of how the city tackles tinnitus. Hearfon- the top hearing healthcare centre in Bangalore is a case in point. Featuring sophisticated testing and other technologies, this hearing healthcare centre in Bangalore brings effective solutions for Tinnitus.

Identifying the problem 

With tinnitus, an early identification of the root cause is important. To this end, Hearfon provides testing using the best-in-class technology and administered by experienced audiologists. Other medical professionals like ENT specialists and speech therapists are also at hand to conduct thorough testing if needed. Further, they bring a personalised approach to providing solutions- by giving individual counselling about possible solutions. These are among the key aspects that make Hearfon the top hearing healthcare centre in Bangalore. 

Best hearing aids for Tinnitus

For a large number of tinnitus sufferers, an effective way to overcome the issue is by using hearing aids. On this front too, Hearfon remains a class apart by bringing the best brands under one roof. Not all hearing aids are made the same. There are quite a few hearing aids that can be charitably called sub-standard. Using such devices is not bound to improve the patient’s life. To avoid such a scenario, Hearfon brings you trusted solutions from world-class brands like Starkey, Phonak, Widex, Audible & Oticon. 

Sophisticated care is available at multiple places in the city 

For convenience, there are Eight different Hearfon clinics; so you can choose the one nearest to you. 

Legacy of quality care 

Being a part of the esteemed Rajan Speech & Hearing Centre, Hearfon draws from a deep well of expertise that goes all the way back to 1994. More than 40,000 people with hearing issues have re-entered the world of clear sounds thanks to Hearfon, further cementing their reputation as the top hearing solution in Bangalore

With cutting-edge technology, some of the best professionals in the domain, and decades of experience, Herafon is helping Bangalore tackle tinnitus head-on. Embark on your journey from ringing ears to calm silence with Hearfon. 

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