Hearing Health Matters A Comprehensive Look at Tinnitus and Hearing Solutions in Bangalore

Hearing Health Matters A Comprehensive Look at Tinnitus and Hearing Solutions in Bangalore

Tinnitus is characterized by persistent noises in the ears like ringing, hissing, and buzzing. It is typically a symptom that shows that something is wrong with some part of your ear or the nerves connected to it. If left untreated, tinnitus can have significant effects, hampering your ability to hear, function well at the workplace, and lead an active social life. 

Causes of tinnitus 

Tinnitus could be caused by multiple reasons. The main reason is loss of hearing from constant exposure to high noise levels. Ear/ sinus infections and Meniere’s disease could also lead to tinnitus. But diseases not directly linked to the ear could also result in the condition. These include heart ailments, tumors in the brain, issues with your circulatory system, and diseases afflicting the thyroid. 

The above-mentioned are the most common causes of tinnitus. However, a certain percentage of people also suffer from tinnitus without any identifiable reason. This type of tinnitus is called idiopathic tinnitus. 

How to tackle the problem 


The first step towards tackling the issue is finding its root cause. This may require a physical examination and assessment of your medical history by a trained professional. Of course, appropriate tests conducted by an audiologist are also necessary. Consult service providers who bring hearing solutions in Bangalore backed by the cutting-edge technology needed to evaluate the problem. Some key factors that are relevant to a solution include the following:

  • Your age 

  • Any underlying medical conditions you may have 

  • An overview of your holistic health 

  • How your body responds to certain medicines and procedures 

  • The severity of your condition

  • Your personal preferences 


Based on the test results and the above-listed factors, the medical professionals suggest the solution that is ideal for you. 

Possible solutions 

At present, there is no known cure for tinnitus. However, some solutions would help you to manage the condition and lead an active lifestyle. Depending on the evaluation of your condition, a provider of a hearing healthcare center in Bangalore could recommend any of the following solutions. 

Hearing aids: An overwhelming number of people who suffer from tinnitus develop the issue as a result of hearing loss. The reason is that in the aftermath of hearing loss, some fundamental changes happen in how your brain processes sound signals.

Hearing aids are a common and effective solution in such instances. These are typically devices that amplify the sounds from the external world and feed them to you so that you can hear better. The ringing or other sounds that appear as part of tinnitus would remain. However, once your overall hearing improves with hearing aids, you will be less conscious of the tinnitus-related sounds. 

When you choose a provider of hearing solutions in Bangalore make sure that they provide hearing aids from trusted brands. Poor-quality hearing aids would not be a long-lasting solution and could affect your confidence in going through life. Thankfully, there are hearing health centers like Hearfon that bring you world-class hearing aids with a variety of features to suit distinct requirements. 

Cochlear implants: Cochlear implants are another effective solution for those who suffer from tinnitus with extensive loss of hearing. A cochlear implant is a sophisticated device containing two parts: the external and internal. The former part can be fitted behind your ear while the latter part needs to be surgically inserted beneath the skin. 

The implant picks up the sound signals from the external environment which are then converted into electric pulses. These are then transported to various points in your auditory nerve, bypassing the typical parts of the ear involved in hearing like the ear canal. A cochlear implant surgery is a procedure that should be carefully performed by an experienced professional. There are providers of hearing solutions in Bangalore who bring you the experts and the necessary technology for this procedure that requires precision. 

Medication: Depending on the cause of tinnitus, a medical professional may prescribe certain medications for you. These medications are typically aimed to cure the underlying condition that caused the tinnitus in the first place. 

These are some of the common solutions used to tackle tinnitus. But they by no means form an exhaustive list of solutions. As mentioned before, depending on the evaluation of your problem and other factors, a medical professional would recommend the ideal solution for you. 

The important thing is to choose a provider of hearing solutions in Bangalore who has a good track record in treating tinnitus and who also has expert professionals and cutting-edge technology to assess and treat the condition. With the right solution provider, you can lead an active life without tinnitus dampening your quality of life. 

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