Prevent Hearing Loss With These Tips

Prevent Hearing Loss With These Tips

Due to our present lifestyle sooner or later most of us are going to face challenges in terms of hearing.
So it is really important for us to make sure that our ears are doing okay.
Many times hearing loss is preventable and avoidable.

There are some rather unexpected ways in which we can prevent hearing loss:

Right earplugs:

According to various studies done, it has been found that using good quality earplugs can help in preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.
Good quality earplugs are sometimes quite expensive, but we do get affordable ones also. So it’s wise to invest in a good one rather than facing hearing difficulties later on.
Also, make sure the volume is not too loud, it also matters.

Eating right:

It is suggested to have more green leafy vegetables, as researchers have found a correlation between the amount of folate and hearing loss. It has been found that people who had taken supplements of folic acid helped in reducing the risk of hearing loss, even though it was very slightly significant.
Also, another study showcased that individuals with iron deficiency also were susceptible to hearing loss.
Folate is generally found in legumes, eggs, leafy green vegetables, beetroot, citrus fruits, nuts, and seeds. And some of the iron-rich foods include seafood, lentils, beans, nuts, dried fruits, green vegetables, fruits, whole wheat, and brown rice.


There are some sensitive organs called hair cells in the ear, which helps in the process of hearing.
Doing any exercise would increase blood circulation and this will in turn increase the supply of oxygen to these sensitive hair cells.
Although all exercises do have this property, Yoga in particular helps in reducing blood pressure and stress, which in turn reduces the risk of hearing loss.
People who have been suffering from chronic stress issues have reported that they face hearing issues and tinnitus in some cases according to studies done by few German Researchers.

Watch your weight

When you look for the correlation between weight and hearing loss there is no direct impact. But health issues associated with you not being your ideal weight, can in turn cause hearing loss in individuals. A Korean study showed that individuals who are underweight as well as overweight was more susceptible to hearing loss.

Not just weight, keep your blood sugar in check as well

Individuals with diabetes are more prone to hearing loss. According to various studies, it has been found that high glucose content in the blood would bring vascular changes and may also result in the damage of the blood vessels in the inner ear. And also they have found that diabetes has an impact irrespective of the age of the individuals. So one should make sure to incorporate a healthy, balanced diet along with some amount of physical activity like exercises so as to keep the blood circulation active.

No smoking; better hearing

It has been found that smoking has a direct impact on hearing from long-term research. Smoking would result in the narrowing of our blood vessels which would affect the amount of oxygen that goes up to the inner hair cells, hence being a cause for the damage and the following hearing loss.

But it is also found that the risk of hearing loss reduces once you quit smoking for as long as 5 years. So that’s good news for people who are ready to quit.

Make sure your home appliance is noise-free; or at least less noisy

We would have noticed that many of the appliances that we use at home would make noise, these may not have an immediate impact. But prolonged exposure to these will surely have some impact.

Appliances like Hairdryer, washing machine, mixer grinder, vacuum cleaner are all very noisy in nature. Make sure to see if they make too much noise before buying, try to go for a less noisy one. There are apps that let you measure the noise levels, you can use these and check as well.

Take care of these as well;

Also during this pandemic, the tradition of doing DIY projects has increased tremendously. Renovating projects include the usage of powerful tools like the power saw, granite cutting machine, etc. This could have a noise that goes up to 110 dB make sure to wear ear protection devices while working on them.

Individuals who go swimming have chances of getting Swimmers ear infection, which is a bacterial infection in the ear canal caused due to bacteria living in the water. It causes itching, redness, etc.; you can avoid this by wearing swimmers’ earplugs or cleaning and drying ears thoroughly after a swim.

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