What type of hearing aid is best in India

What type of hearing aid is best in India

Thanks to technological advances, hearing aids have become considerably more sophisticated in the past decade or so. This level of sophistication is complemented by a wide range of models available, each with its features and functionalities. Faced with so many options, one may be understandably baffled as to which one is the best. 

Here, we present two of the best hearing aid types available in India. Combining great functionality with ease, they cater to people with different lifestyles and needs. However, keep in mind that before choosing a hearing aid, you should consult with a medical professional and get a recommendation that is ideal for you.

Completely in the canal hearing aids

Completely in the canal(CIC), hearing aids are among the smallest models available in the market. They are especially suited if you want your hearing aid to discreetly assist you. As the name suggests, completely in the canal hearing aids fit within your ear canal, so they remain less noticeable to others. Specifically, they are inserted a few millimeters within the ear’s aperture. 

Main components

There are four main parts in the Completely in the canal hearing aids: 

Microphone: This component absorbs sound from your surroundings and transforms it into electrical pulses. These signals are in turn fed into an amplifier. Typically, the better the quality of the microphone, the clearer you can hear. 

Amplifier: This part amplifies the sound from the microphone feed and then relays it to the digital signal processor. 

Digital signal processor: The digital signal processor or DSP is a crucial part of the complete canal hearing aid model. As the name suggests, it’s the part that processes the sound, helping the wearer to hear clearly. 

Receiver: Last but not least, there is the receiver- the component that accepts the signals from DSP and relays sound to the ear canal. 

In addition to these key components, a completely in-canal model would also have a battery. All the parts and the battery are encapsulated inside a tiny plastic casing that could easily fit inside the ear canal. 

Different CIC models 

As you have seen, there are four main components in a CIC hearing aid. This is true across all CIC models. But that’s not to say that all of them are made equal. You can get a spectrum of CIC models based on the level of technologies incorporated in them- ranging from basic to advanced. 

The type of CIC hearing aid that you choose would depend on your audiologist’s recommendation, which in turn would be dependent on your specific hearing problem. Some of the useful features you get in CIC hearing aids are volume control, adjusting background noise, and program settings for a range of issues including tinnitus. 

Who can benefit from CIC hearing aids?

CIC hearing aids are typically prescribed for those with mild to moderate hearing issues. That being said, if your ears are too small or your ear canals are peculiarly shaped, a CIC model may not fit in your ear and you may need to look for alternatives. Otherwise, you can consider CIC, especially if you are concerned with the appearance of wearing a hearing aid. 

Bluetooth hearing aids 

Bluetooth has become a well-known communication protocol thanks to its ubiquitous presence in mobile phones and other smart devices. Those suffering from hearing loss could also benefit from this technology thanks to Bluetooth hearing aids. Here are some of their key benefits: 

Better clarity of phone calls: Hearing voices in your surroundings is a challenge for those with hearing loss. But the issue is even worse with phone calls. Thankfully, many Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to channel your telephone calls directly to them, so you can hear clearly. 

Enjoy your favorite TV programs with better sound: It’s not just interactions with others who suffer in the wake of hearing loss. Your quality of life gets affected also because you are not able to enjoy your favorite entertainment options as before. Bluetooth hearing aids become a boon in this context. For one thing, you can wirelessly connect many models directly to the TV. This will help you enjoy the television at a volume comfortable enough for you. 

Stream music and podcasts: What was mentioned about TV programs above holds for music and podcasts as well. Typically one may need to use an extra pair of regular headphones over your hearing aids to listen to them. The quality of sound perception would be substandard in such situations. However, with Bluetooth hearing aids you can stream music and podcasts directly via the hearing aids, resulting in better quality of hearing. 

With the right hearing aid, hearing loss needn’t mean the end of clear hearing. Far from it. With technological ingenuity, these devices help you lead a fulfilling life complete with the sound of laughter and happiness. 

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