Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is a present day communication technology which helps two or more devices to connect wirelessly within a short range. This helps exchange of information.

It involves safe and secure transfer of audio and information through radio waves.

What are Bluetooth Hearing Aids and how does it function?

Bluetooth hearing aids support wire-free technology communicating with various electronic devices. It helps in streaming audio and transferring data.

Your hearing aid can be controlled with smartphones in your pocket.

If you own a hearing aid with a Bluetooth 2.4GHz connection, it is a boon.

A couple of years ago, Apple introduced “Made for iPhone” technology, where users can stream sound straight from any iOS device like their iPad or iPhone to their 2.4GHz-connected hearing aids.

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  • Wire-free and easy to use

  • Multiple device connections

  • A personalized experience