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HearFon now offers a one-stop registration for your appointment with the audiologist faster than ever. All you have to do is to reach out to our hearing experts by placing a phone call and they will guide you each step through your entire hearing wellness journey. This is how the hearing systems work, based on your hearing loss symptoms and your location you will be scheduled for an appointment with the hearing aid specialists at the nearest HearFon Clinic. You can then visit the clinic and discuss your symptoms in detail with the expert also experience and learn the prices of hearing aid.

Best Hearing Aids

We provide world-class hearing aids technology and service. A perfect fit for your precise hearing wellness.

Hearing Aid Demo

HearFon provides a facility for an in-store demonstration. The patient can try out the hearing aid recommended and can experience a remarkable difference.

Service Centers

We provide countrywide service as we are located all over India with our hearing care professionals to help you with your hearing wellness.

Customer Satisfaction

Hearfon provides 100% guaranteed satisfaction by understanding the needs of our customers.

3 Steps To Better Hearing

Personal Consultation

You can reach out to one of our experts and discuss with them over the phone who will guide you on understanding your hearing situation.

Professional Counselling

You can visit our nearest hearing wellness clinic to get your hearing tested and experience the demo of the hearing aid.

Experience Better Hearing

Purchase your hearing aid on gaining satisfaction and live a better life with better hearing.

Our Network

We are present across the country with audiologists and speech therapists with world-class technology-enabled products to ensure you get the best help for the type of hearing loss, improving quality of life.

Customer Reviews

I don’t mind using hearing aids as long as they are invisible… Thanks to team Hearfon. My hearing aids can’t be seen but I can hear better and clearly.

P Rao

Hitting 60, I realized that I was facing difficulties in hearing. My friend recommended The Hearing Specialists. I am now using Hearing Aid from them for last few years and I am very happy to hear clearly again

Late Dr. Girish Karnad

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