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Communication plays a vital role in social interactions, which is part of an active lifestyle and hearing is the key to good communication. About 10% of the Indian Population has hearing loss. Hearing loss is primarily on the increase, mostly due to longer life expectancies and noisy environments.

Hearing loss is one of the disabilities that can be treated most inexpensively and with the greatest benefit for the individual as well as for the society.

Many people sacrifice up to seven years of good hearing because they do not acknowledge their hearing loss. And those 7 years of easy conversation, better living with clear sound and socialization is lost.

HearFon is a unit of Rajan Speech & Hearing Centre (est. 1994); a National Chain of Hearing & Speech Clinics. Audiologists, here, are highly professional and they provide remedies for hearing loss issues and speech disorders. The advanced Institute helps in timely diagnosis. Moreover, these specialists with the help of most advanced state-of-the-art testing equipment, highly sophisticated hearing aids, counseling and speech therapy , bring you uncompromising and committed services in speech and hearing health care.

Hearing & Speech Specialist

Our team of experts have been trained as per International Protocols by companies like StarKey, Oticon, Widex, and Phonak to provide the best services for identification of hearing impairment, rehabilitation support for patients, prevention of hearing loss, latest technology aids, and after-care.

HearFon is a chain of hearing and speech clinics having centres across 5 locations in Bangalore and poised to expand into other Metropolitan cities shortly.

Our experts have a special understanding of each patient and their need for support, encouragement, counseling, and instruction while learning to use their hearing instruments more effectively.

It is their goal to help the patient reach his or her best hearing potential.
And, thereby we help you to enjoy life, more precisely its Sound.

Over the years, HearFon has earned tremendous goodwill for its dedication towards Speech and Hearing Health Care.