Hearing Aid Centres in Bangalore

HearFon is a pan India chain of Hearing and Speech Therapy clinics. Our prime hearing aid center is in Bangalore. We are also known for providing the best brands of hearing aids in Bangalore.

Unable to hear properly?

Visit our HearFon Hearing aid clinics in Bangalore and get consulted by the best Audiologists in Bangalore.
We are located in HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Residency Road, Whitefield. Book an appointment and visit your nearest hearing aid clinic in Bangalore.

Hearfon Hearing solutions in Bangalore

For hearing solutions Bangalore has the choicest picks with multiple Hearfon hearing aid centres.

They are equipped with the best in-class technology and highly experienced audiologists to help you in your journey to better hearing. Starting with consultation that helps measure the extent of your issues, to counselling and finding the best hearing aid solution, our centres are a single-stop point for your hearing problems.

What’s more, after-sales service is assured when you get hearing aids from our centres. For hearing solutions Bangalore is also ideal as the city offers modern amenities that make your visit even more convenient.

Why choose Hearfon centres:

  • Our audiologists come with a proven track record of helping patients, with decades of experience
  • We are equipped with the most updated diagnostics and other technologies
  • We provide hearing aids from reliable and world-renowned brands. They incorporate the latest technology and come in a range of models to suit various needs and budgets. Their modern aesthetics mean they blend in seamlessly with modern lifestyle.
  • We provide specialised hearing tests for both adults and infants which yield accurate results
  • We are a trusted brand in the domain. Countless people enjoy better hearing thanks to our expertise.
  • As a testimony to our expertise, we have collaborated with Apollo Clinic, having provided speech and hearing therapies to their patients.

When should you visit a Hearfon Hearing Aid Centre?

Visit us if you experience any of the following problems:

  • Unable to hear individual sounds clearly in a loud environment
  • Having to ask others to repeat their words to make out what they are saying
  • Unable to hear the TV clearly unless you turn it up to an unusually high volume
  • Persistent ringing noise inside the ears
  • General dimming of sounds

Get your hearing tested with us

Hearing deterioration afflicts many people from different walks of life. It could have multiple causes including medical issues, improper care of ears or even age-related problems.

But in most cases, with the right diagnosis at the right time, a solution is possible, ensuring a good lifestyle without hearing being hampered too much. But that journey begins by getting your hearing tested.

Our audiologists would assess your hearing level so that you can know where exactly you stand in the spectrum of hearing, and what kind of solutions best work for you. The many locations we are present in makes it easy to get a hearing check up near you.

Visit our Hearing Aid Centres in Bangalore

  • Indiranagar

781, 9th A Main Rd, Stage 2,
Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 038

  • Jayanagar

1/21, Chalamma Complex, 32nd Cross,
9th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar,
4th T Block East, 4th Block, Jayanagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 011

  • Malleshwaram

Vedamathe Bhavan, 5th Cross Road.
Malleswaram. Bangalore - 560 003

  • Residency Road

#2 Janardan Towers, Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 025

  • Whitefield

389/2, Kumarapalli,
Thubarahalli, Whitefield,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 066

Partner centres powered by HearFon

  • Specsmakers - HRBR layout

Powered by: Hearfon

4C, 207, CMR Main Rd, HRBR Layout 3rd
Block, HRBR Layout, Kacharakanahalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 084

  • Specsmakers - Kammanahalli

Powered by: Hearfon

No 153 JKB Complex Kammanahalli Main
Road Kammanahalli Opp to Photo Zone &,
next to BATA Showroom, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 084

  • Specsmakers - CBI Road RT Nagar

Powered by: Hearfon

32, Ground floor,
St. Jude Church, CBI Road, Bilappa Garden,
Ganganagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 032


A hearing aid centre is a specialised facility that offers comprehensive services related to helping those with hearing loss. It is staffed by trained professionals, such as audiologists and hearing instrument specialists, who assess and address individuals' hearing needs.

Typically, these centres provide the following services:

  • *

    Hearing evaluations

  • *

    Hearing aid fittings

  • *

    Hearing aid adjustments and repairs

  • *

    Counselling for individuals with hearing difficulties.

Hearing solutions refer to the various options available to individuals with hearing loss to improve their auditory capabilities.

These solutions can include the following:

  • *

    Hearing aids

  • *

    Assistive listening devices

  • *

    Cochlear implants

  • *

    Other technology-driven devices designed to enhance hearing and improve the quality of life for those with hearing impairments

A hearing aid centre can provide significant assistance to individuals with hearing loss in the following ways:

  • *

    By offering expert evaluation and diagnosis of hearing impairment

  • *

    By providing personalised hearing aid fittings

  • *

    By providing ongoing support and guidance throughout your journey to better hearing

Hearing aid centres also have access to various advanced hearing technologies, ensuring that individuals receive the most suitable and effective solutions for their needs.

Choosing a hearing aid centre in Bangalore offers several advantages:

  • *

    Bangalore is home to reputable centres with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced professionals, and a wide selection of hearing solutions.

  • *

    These centres stay updated with the latest advancements in the field, ensuring you receive the most innovative and effective solutions for your hearing needs.

  • *

    The city provides a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment, offering additional amenities and convenience for individuals seeking hearing solutions.

During your visit to a hearing aid centre, you can expect a comprehensive and personalised approach to address your hearing needs.

These are the steps you will go through at a centre:

  • *

    The centre's professionals will conduct a thorough hearing evaluation to assess your hearing abilities and determine the degree and type of hearing loss.

  • *

    Based on the results, they will recommend suitable hearing solutions and guide you through selecting and fitting the appropriate device.

  • *

    The centre's staff will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your hearing aids, ensuring optimal performance and addressing any concerns or questions you may have.