Hearing & Speech Expertise


At HearFon, the hearing examination is an easy and quick procedure. Our expert audiologists will conduct a detailed examination through a battery of tests and instant reports would be generated. Our latest and hi-tech equipment gives us a quick insight into your problem and generates reports that would help in identifying the right device for treatment.


Hearing aids bring back the family and friends time. All hearing aids are different depending on the needs of different individuals. Hence, we customize all the hearing aids specific to each user. We help you choose the best hearing aid for you and we will provide you with options to choose the hearing aid based on your hearing disability, lifestyle, and your budget. We shall look into the dexterity, vision and your canal size. The right hearing aid can make all the difference in successful hearing aid fitting and experience.


While purchasing hearing aids from HearFon, it is important that you learn how to take care of them. This is where HearFon hearing counseling comes in, and we make sure all patients are enlightened with the hearing aids maintenance procedure. If questions arise after leaving the appointment, then the clients are welcome to come back for more guidance.


Newborn hearing screening is a simple method of checking if a baby’s hearing is intact. It is done by sophisticated instruments that will not affect the baby. Good hearing is essential to the social and intellectual development of infants and young children. Our Audiologists can identify hearing loss in children of any age. This includes newborn and infant hearing screening test and diagnostic hearing tests. We also fit hearing aids on babies and young children with hearing loss.


It has been found that many children are diagnosed late in life for their developmental problems due to the corrective measures being unsuccessful. We have realized that early intervention in these children’s speech therapy can make a major difference in their life.

HearFon has a team of trained professionals for the assessments and therapies for children with speech developmental delays.


Cochlear implants can be provided to children in their formative years to aid in their hearing, to learn and develop. For language acquisition and development, it is critical to expose children to sound as early as possible. If a child has profound hearing loss in both ears and if he/she is not getting any benefit from hearing aids then Cochlear Implants could be of help. Moreover, after the Cochlear Implant, intense speech and language therapy is required for better results from the procedure. Hence, sooner the child gets the Cochlear Implant, the better is the prognosis.

BAHA or Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids are usually used to treat conductive hearing losses or cases of single-sided deafness. BAHA hearing aid could be ideal for children who are not ready yet for a cochlear implant surgery. Lightweight and easy to wear BAHA solutions will provide the right amplification for your child to improve the hearing and connect with the surroundings in a better manner.