Digital Hearing Aids

What is a Hearing Aid?

Hearing Aids are device which fit in or on the ears. They collect the sounds around us and make them louder & clearer, in order to assist people with hearing impairment. With world-class technology and techniques available at HearFon’s Hearing and Speech Clinics, all levels of hearing loss can be taken care of.

Read on to know more about different types of digital hearing aid devices from HearFon.

Which Hearing Aid is suitable for you?

At HearFon, one can choose from a range of Hearing Aids – Digital Hearing Aids, Invisible Hearing Aids, depending on the requirement and comfort of the person. People with hearing impairment in both ears are recommended to wear two hearing aid devices and vice-versa. Experts from HearFon’s Hearing and Speech Clinics will help you in choosing the right device that is suitable for you.

An expert Audiologist will assist in choosing the right hearing aid with careful consideration of each patient’s specific hearing needs and results from the hearing test. So, the type of hearing aid provided to you would depend on the severity of hearing loss, your stance of understanding speech-in-noise, ear measurements, and lifestyle.

What are the types of Hearing Aid?

HearFon brings to you the most sophisticated technology in a range of hearing solutions with hearing aid price options to perfectly suit your budget. There are multiple types of Hearing Aids which are available in many different sizes to suit each individual’s listening situation and style. Majorly, there are 5 types of Hearing Aids:

Cutting edge technology

Modern in-the-ear hearing aids are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment. These hearing products use noise reduction and directional technology to promote natural hearing. And the latest technology minimizes the high-pitched squealing noises that are heard when you use the phone. Some options even offer bluetooth connectivity for added comfort.

Easy to handle

These custom-made products have an easy pulling string which helps in easy removal and insertion of hearing aids.

Now allow your loved ones to experience all the emotions of sound with our range of Custom-made Products. Find out how the latest innovative technology that is completely customizable, can be used for their individual hearing needs. Thus, enabling them to listen to everything that’s going on around them. Need we mention? These can be personalized and custom fit as per the ear canal size and skin.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids communicate with various electronic devices. You can control your hearing aid with smartphones. If you own a hearing aid with a Bluetooth 2.4GHz connection,it is a boon.

Couple of years ago, Apple introduced “Made for iPhone” technology, where users can stream sound straight from any iOS device like their iPad or iPhone to their 2.4GHz-connected hearing aids.

Invisible–In–Canal (IIC)

This is an ultra-discreet Hearing Solution that is invisible and comfortable to wear. This type of Hearing Aid uses the ear’s shape and localizes sound. It is suitable for people with moderate hearing loss. The IIC type of Hearing Aid is available in 2 variants namely – In-the-Canal and Completely-In-The-Canal Hearing Aids.

CIC (Completely-In-The-Canal)

CIC is an unnoticeable Hearing Aid that is made according to the size and shape of your ear. It is suitable for people with moderate hearing loss. Additionally, a CIC model is completely automatic.

ITC (In-The-Canal)

ITC type of Hearing Aid is very small and like an ear tip sits on the ear canal. It is ideal for people with severe to moderate hearing loss. Here, some options even offer Bluetooth connectivity for your comfort.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

Perfect fit with ease

With easy-to-access controls, BTE aids are ideal for users with dexterity problems of all age groups with Moderate to Severe Hearing Impairment. From classic behind the ear to open fitting, BTE hearing aids are available in a wide range of colors.

Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC)

Slim is more

Typically used for Adult Patients, this type of Hearing Aid Device offers cosmetic advantage. They’re among the slimmest and lightest Hearing Aids that come with a miniature case.